CASE STUDY Thomas Stavropoulos and Partners Law Office

How Thomas digitally highlighted the professionalism and and quality of services offered by his law firm.

Requirement analysis

Thomas has been running his practice since 2013 and is constantly evolving, investing in both his specialization and his offices.

After the renovation of his office in Patras, he came to us to provide him with help to digitally highlight the quality of the services he provides.

We held one-on-one conversations to listen to his needs. With the data we collected and our expertise in the field, we decided that he needed a website to achieve better representation in the digital area. We designed in a way that would help him achieve all of his goals:

Tablet web design of Thomas Stavropoulos website
Mobile web design of Thomas Stavropoulos website


  • Digital representation of the law office through a high quality website that conveys prestige, professionalism and represents the quality of the physical office's services.
  • The ability to publish news and decisions of the law firm in a simple and easy way.

Professional Image

A well-structured website with a carefully thought-out aesthetics and professional photos definitely piques the interest of visitors and earns their trust.

We chose minimal design and strict lines so that the website conveys both seriousness and professionalism.

Ease of Use

We have placed great emphasis on the ease of use of the website, both in navigation and administration, without compromising on functionality.

We formatted the texts to highlight the information Thomas wants to communicate to his visitors, while remaining as simple as possible.

Dynamic content...

The need for dynamic content, with no discounts on performance, leads to increased costs in the construction and hosting of a website.

When most content is static and there is a need to manage just a small portion of the website, the increased costs are not justified.

...with all the advantages of static content

To give our clients exactly what they need we created Content by Web Bunch. This is a platform that enables our clients to have all the benefits of a static website, with only a small part of it being managed.

As a result, Thomas has saved money on both the construction and maintenance of his website while he can communicate the news and announcements of his office through the dynamic blog.


Every tenth of a second of extra time it takes to load a website means users leaving the site unhappy, and a drop in Google's results rankings.

That's why at Web Bunch we use cutting-edge technologies to achieve the fastest possible load speed.

In the screenshot you can see the Google lighthouse check we ran on the homepage of Thomas' website.

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