CASE STUDY Vivian's Villa Kefalonia

How Kostas managed to bring bookings to his holiday accommodations, without depending on Airbnb and Booking.

Requirement Analysis

Kostas has two holiday accommodations in Svoronata, Kefalonia, which he rents on a short-term basis. For his online presence, he relied entirely on and, through which almost all his bookings were completed.

After our analysis, we decided to proceed with the development of the website, in order to address his 2 main problems.

Keys of Vivian's Villa
Tablet web design of Vivian's Villa
Mobile web design of Vivian's Villa

Key Problems

  • Rental platforms have a restrictive structure of content, not allowing Kostas to highlight the uniqueness of his accommodation and the points where it is superior.
  • Potential clients who find Kostas through these platforms had no way to contact him directly. Thus they were forced to act through the platforms - resulting in extra fees for both parties.


In order to present Kostas' holiday accommodations attractively, we needed excellent photographic material.

With a professional photo shoot of his holiday accommodations, we made sure that we have photos that highlight the accommodation strengths.

By combining them harmoniously with a minimal design, we came up with a result that emphasizes the information that Kostas wants to communicate to his visitors, while keeping most of the visitors' attention on the photographic material.

Direct Contact

By adding ways of direct communication with Kostas to the site, we gave personal character and directness to the booking process.

At the same time, by making reservations through direct communication, Kostas saves the fees of intermediaries.

We kept the contact form simple, to not tire the visitor, increasing the number of leads. At the same time, we made alternative ways of communication available - mail, phone, facebook and instagram - so that the visitor can communicate in any way that suits them.

Performance Optimization

Simply having the website itself is not enough.

It must have the appropriate optimizations so that we can make the visitor of the site a visitor of Vivian's Villa.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We built the website with great attention to technical SEO. This allows Google's algorithm to read the site efficiently, making Google give the site better rankings in all searches.

We also helped Kostas to include keywords in his texts. This improves his position in searches related to his accommodation.


Every tenth of a second of extra load time on a website results in users leaving without contacting you, as well as a drop in Google results position.

That's why at Web Bunch we use cutting-edge technologies to achieve the fastest possible loading speed.

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